Why choose Vento?

We provide dedicated and highly qualified technicians and back office supporters who take pride in reacting promptly and professionally in all situations.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are some of the largest players worldwide within development, manufacturing and operation of wind power projects. They believe in wind energy as an investment in a sustainable future – and so do we. 

Our values

Vento Energy Support represents reliability, punctuality, workmanship, professionalism and fairness.  

About vento energy support

Wind turbines are an investment in the future.
Protecting the investment is essential for optimizing return of investment throughout the turbines lifecycle.
Vento Energy Support specializes in supporting wind turbine manufacturers, utilities, developers, owners and operators with skilled and certified technicians and engineers. We want to make a difference and contribute to optimizing the output of wind turbines.

Experience keeps the turbines turning

Our experienced and qualified team has more than 15 years of service experience. Based on this knowledge, we have established a flexible range of service solutions that are designed to optimize the output of wind turbines. The management team of Vento Energy Support has extensive experience within the wind energy industry from working as supervisors, field technicians and in sales management within the field of service and installation, engineering and service sales.

A growing business

Vento Energy Support was founded in January 2012. Since our beginning, we have expanded continuously. We now have activities on four different continents with the goal of serving our customers with customized solutions that make a difference in the wind energy industry. We believe that proper installation, service and maintenance are crucial in maximizing the return from a turbine throughout its lifetime.


The Vento Energy Support headquarters is located in Ringkøbing, Denmark. We run our day-to-day operations from this address and this is also where you will also find our divisions: Operations, Accounting, Administration, HR, Sales and Business Development.

We look forward to a successful cooperation!