Wind Turbine spare parts and main components

Preferred supplier of spare parts

Vento Energy Support offers wind turbine spare parts for both older wind turbines as well as for new generations of large-scale wind turbines. Vento Energy Support aims to be your preferred specialist when it comes to supplying parts for your wind turbine. 

To provide a high service standard while maintaining a lower cost per kilowatt-hour, availability and fast response times are our main focus areas when it comes to sales and delivery of spare parts.


Large network in the wind industry

Through our large network of suppliers and contacts in the wind industry, we are able to deliver the parts you need for your wind turbine. We do not necessarily have all spare parts in stock, but we will invest the time needed to provide you with a quick and great service at all time.

We are able to deliver wind turbine spare parts such as Gearboxes, Blades, Generators, Controller Parts, Hydraulic parts, Yaw gears, Coolers, Motors etc. In most cases, we will be able to provide new units as well as second-hand spare parts and refurbished parts.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have – we look forward to helping you source your wind turbine spare parts.