Rope access technicians specialize in reaching places that otherwise can't be reached without using expensive scaffolding, lifts or cranes.


Lower maintenance costs and out-of-service time

Thanks to rope access teams, we are able to service, inspect and repair wind turbines and blades - both onshore and offshore bringing down maintenance costs and keeping out-of-service time to a minimum.


Skilled rope professionals

Our rope access staff is trained in wind turbines and blade maintenance. As a minimum, our rope professionals are certified to IRATA level 1 and Blade level B.


Our rope access services include

  • Blade & tower inspection
  • Blade & tower repair (minor and major)
  • Lightning damages
  • Tower rust repair
  • Pylon coating
  • Logo replacement
  • Cleaning
  • Visual inspection
  • Etc.

Our services are offered onshore as well as offshore.