Blade Service

Today’s wind turbine blades are large, robust structures. But they are prone to damage like any other composite component. The damage may occur even as blades are being de-molded or moved around the blade factory. Blades usually travel long distances to their end-destination, often negotiating ports, roads, towns and being handled by forklift trucks and cranes. These processes may all damage the blades.

Once on-site the assembly process and hoisting of the completed rotor to the tower begins. These steps may cause further damage to the blades – and this even before the rotor has made one single revolution.


Blade inspection via rope access


Once in operation, the blades begin to see erosion from rain, dust and other atmospheric contamination. Lightning strikes add to the amount of damage that a blade experiences. With the constant fatigue loading from rotation and wind gusts, any hidden manufacturing flaws may also start to show up in the form of cracks in the blade surface, inside laminates or between blade components.

Why inspection, maintenance and repair matters

Keeping blades in good condition is vital for a turbine to generate its designed power. Even relatively small amounts of leading edge erosion can affect the aerodynamic profile of the blade, leading to a performance drop of 3-4 percent and consequent loss of revenue. If erosion of leading edges is left unrepaired, moisture may be able to penetrate and evolve into even greater damages. 

Extended operational lifetime

Blade inspection, maintenance and repair are critical to keeping a wind turbine performing properly and effectively but also in terms of ensuring a significant extension of the operational lifetime.

Vento Energy Support is a reliable partner for blade services during a wind turbine’s lifetime. We employ highly skilled blade technicians, and we are proud of being a well-reputed company that values punctuality, high performance and workmanship. 

We offer to carry out both repairs and inspections through various Rope Access methods. This allows us to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradle or aerial work platform.

Our inspection, maintenance and repair services: 

  • Blade & tower inspection
  • Blade & tower repair
  • Blade refurbishment
  • Blade replacement
  • Rope access (IRATA, SPRAT etc.)

Without well-functioning and turning blades: No wind energy. Blade inspection is therefore an important part of maximizing profit margins for investors and owners. Inspection and repair of wind turbine blades require both skilled and trained technicians and special equipment. We offer inspection of blades using qualified repair technologies to ensure fast and reliable solutions.

Do you want to know more about our blade inspection services? Please send us and e-mail or give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible.