Proper installation is crucial

Wind turbines are complex machines made up of thousands of different components. Managing the installation of a wind power project is a complicated assignment. To ensure proper installation, the work of a large number of construction workers, transportation companies, suppliers etc. must be coordinated very closely. This requires excellent attention to detail, time and resource management. Because of the complexity and the value of the parts and equipment, proper installation management is critical. This to ensure that the turbine is installed according to instructions within the set time frame and will function properly.


Vento brings the expertise

Our specialists are skilled and experienced in managing all interfaces, throughout all construction phases of a wind project. A Vento Energy Support professional helps to ensure that a project is delivered on schedule and within budget. We do work as an integral part of the client’s project team providing specialist package services. Furthermore we can offer a complete construction management service covering all aspects of the project management.


Wind turbine installation


If you are interested in our Construction Management Services, Henrik Brink will be happy to answer any further questions and provide you with a quote.