Quality Policy


We offer you superior, high-quality service

To us, quality is a key word. Through our knowledge and experience from the wind power industry, we know what it takes to ensure our business partners the best possible return on their investment.

Quality means never compromising on things that matter



Qualified staff

Wind turbines are an investment in the future. We believe that to protect that investment, we must use highly trained service specialists. Every Vento Energy Support employee is quality-conscious and exercises the highest degree of quality awareness to ensure that our customers get the optimal return of their investment.


Quality Policy

Vento’s objective is to offer superior high-quality service. Our aim is to take the lead when it comes to quality. To do so, we always strive to deliver top of the line results.

Likewise, it is our objective that all our deliveries are perceived as quality deliveries. Quality deliveries are when we meet, or exceed, our customers' expectations for quality, flexibility and reliability of supply, and thereby providing the customer with additional value.

Vento will strive to make quality and flexibility keywords and strong competition parameters when it comes to counseling, preparation of tenders and execution of orders.

As a minimum, our services should conform to the specified requirements and strive to prevent nonconformities at all stages rather than later remediation.

It is essential to us, that our employees/subcontractors consider quality as a shared responsibility and exercise the highest degree of quality awareness and provide a high degree of customer satisfaction.


To ensure a high level of quality we strive to: 

  • Continuously improve the quality of our processes, products, and services
  • Identify potential efficiency improvements that would provide greater value to our customers and the company.
  • Upgrade our employees’/subcontractors’ qualifications and skills through information, training, education and experience.
  • Work with openness, honesty, and respect for one another throughout the process
  • To support and ensure the quality of our services by maintaining and continually improving our quality management system equal to the requirements of DS/ EN ISO 9001:2015 as a minimum.  


Quality Objectives

We measure our customers satisfaction though ongoing feedback from the customers. We register five specific areas of satisfaction, on a scale from 1-5, where five is very satisfied.

  • It is our objective to ensure a general satisfaction level of 4.5.

Vento is currently based on a few customers.

  •  It is our objective to increase the number of customers with 10 % pr year, preferable within supervisors, blades, or service.

Finance is also a part of effective management of an organization. Vento has more focus areas within finance.

  • It is an objective that EBITDA is increased with 1 % pr year.

The Quality Policy and objectives are placed on the company's website to ensure availability to all interested parties.