Press release

Vento is entering Taiwan

August 23, 2019

As of September 1, 2019 Vento will get permanent base in Taichung.


Vento continues the positive development

Since Vento was founded in 2012, it has been a success. Today, Vento has more than 200 employees at the office in Ringkøbing, Germany and at various wind turbine sites around the world.

For September 2019, Vento will also be permanently based in Taiwan, Taichung. This is a big investment on the part of management, but Managing Director Henrik Brink sees it as a necessity for the company and their customers. "There is great potential in that continent and we would like to exploit it," says Henrik Brink, Managing Director. 

Henrik Brink continues, “With the permanent base in Taiwan, we expect to be able to maintain and expand our existing onshore activities, as well as develop the offshore activities in Taiwan. 

We have high expectations for this expansion and it is also our intention to use Taiwan as our Asian hub and in the long term be able to service customers throughout Asia Pacific from Taiwan. ”


Taiwan with the family

Gert Løgstrup Eriksen was hired on August 1, 2019, where he will be Operations Manager in Taiwan.

Now Gert will maintain and expand the area from the Taichung base. And Gert is pleased. “I think it's a fantastic and very exciting venture we are moving towards. It is an amazing country to live in and the people are very welcoming and friendly. Now I look forward to continuing to expand our activities in the area and to bring my family down here.” Says Gert Løgstrup Eriksen.

Gert's wife and tree children will move to Taiwan in the fall and all four are looking forward to the big experience, Gert says.


20th Anniversary in Taiwan

That's not the only big thing that's going to happen to Gert this year. In addition to the exciting initiatives within Vento, Gert can also celebrate his 20 year anniversary in the wind industry. In 1999 Gert started in the wind industry and with background from both Vestas, Mammoet, NRG Micon and Suzlon, Gert is the right man to help expand the activities at Vento.


About Vento

Vento operates worldwide with “on site” installation projects and service tasks, on different wind turbines of the latest generation. We work predominantly for the wind turbine manufacturers. 

We deliver high quality and dependable service at all levels of our business.


For more information please contact Managing Director Henrik Brink mobile: +45 3164 0400 or