Environmental Policy


The future is now

We will strive to reduce environmental impact of our business by integrating environmental considerations into every part of our daily work and attempt to reduce our environmental impact and resource consumption and follow best practices to avoid contamination. In situations where we have, or may have, significant environmental impact, we use recognized management systems to verify our results.

We comply with applicable requirements of local law and the environmental commitments stated equal to the requirements of DS/ EN ISO 14001:2015 as a minimum.

When working around the world, we strive to have a close and good working relationship with the surrounding communities.

In the development and implementation of new processes, we evaluate environmental aspects – from the use of raw materials and energy to disposal of waste and equipment.

We will try to influence suppliers, subcontractors, authorities, customers, partners, and other stakeholders to both engage in and promote environmentally responsible behavior.


Wind farm Halkirk, Canada


Environmental Objectives

We will keep focus on driving efficiency in 2020 that we started in 2019. We monitor this information in our Fleet Management system.

  • It is our objective to have a 2% reduction in idling per year compared to 2022.
  • We will investigate the driving and consumption to set further eventual targets. We are determined to a responsible consumption and production.
  • It is our objective to have a 50% reduction in scope 1&2 emissions by 2030.
  • It is our target to obtain a 50 % waste reduction in waste from products delivered to key customers by 2030. 
  • We will in 2023 set targets for our own waste reduction by 2030.

The Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Policy are placed on the company's website to ensure availability to all interested parties.