The high-risk nature of the renewable energy industry means that health, safety, environment and quality factors are essential to all operations.

Vento Energy Support recognizes that the awareness and knowledge of HSEQ is vital to maintaining a safe, efficient and successful wind industry. Vento Energy Supports advisors perform a variety of roles on-site including:

  • Observation of marine operations
  • Observation of HSE compliance
  • HSE management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Provision of training courses

We also offer to assist the client in producing risk assessment, hazard register and safe operating procedures. All of our HSEQ advisors are highly qualified in delivering advice and support to minimize risks and to ensure that the client is able to operate in a safe environment.

Correct safety procedures at all times

The high quality and engaging presentations made by the HSEQ representative aim to ensure that the correct safety procedures are implemented at all times, including in the event of an emergency. The team is committed to providing essential, high quality training to help ensure a safe and productive global industry.

Experienced advisors

Vento Energy Support’s advisors have extensive hands-on industry experience and are highly qualified in HSEQ. This means that the client can trust Vento Energy Support to provide realistic and practical advice in accordance with all HSEQ guidelines, policies and legal requirements.

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