A client representative is an independent professional responsible for ensuring that all correct procedures are in place during construction to maintain efficiency, safety and best practice. The client representative reports back to the client on agreed matters at regular intervals. The client representative’s hands-on industry experience, combined with extensive knowledge, means that the client can rely on Vento Energy Support to deliver professional, high quality management on-site - from the initial planning stage through to the completion of the project.

Regulatory and practical experience

The Vento Energy Support team has extensive expertise to meet the client’s requirements, from both a regulatory and practical perspective. This ensures that the client’s operations are planned and executed efficiently, safely and correctly throughout the project.

QA/QC engineers

We provide technical and operational assurance for wind power projects worldwide. The lead acquisition QC accepts or rejects data on behalf of the customer. Our representative assists the customers in fulfilling the technical and operational requirements of the project and reports on crew activities.

The role of the client representation

The primary role is to act as the client’s representative, relaying instructions from the company management to the crew, monitoring data quality and operational productivity, and reporting daily on crew activities. In addition the representative reviews and accepts work activities on behalf of the client, monitors all aspects of data quality for each project and accepts those within established quality guidelines. The representatives also notes the variations recorded outside the guidelines, monitors operational activities and reports on progress and problems encountered on a daily basis.

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