Installation Support

Experienced staff

Vento Energy Support has comprehensive experience with wind turbine installation both onshore as well as offshore. We have obtained experience and competences from participating in global projects on most continents in the world. We also have in-house experience from some of the largest offshore wind farms in the world. We look forward to bringing these competences and experience into your organization.


Turbine Installation


We offer the following services related to installation of wind power projects:

  • Onshore & offshore installation crew
  • Cable work teams
  • Commissioning technicians
  • Punch & snagging technicians
  • Crane and transport solutions
  • Handover and quality inspections


Sustainable profit

We are committed to delivering solutions that help our customers receiving optimal return of their investments. This means that quality is a keyword for all our services and thus also an entrenched part of our business philosophy and of everything we do.

Contact Vento Headquarter

Direct: +45 4139 0200

Henrik Brink Managing Director

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